July 08 - Hip Injury

Dear Sifu,
I would like to thank you for curing my long standing hip injury. You were teaching me a new kung fu application which I was unable to do. You then tried to describe it in a different way. Again I was unable to do it. Being an excellent teacher you tried to find another way to describe what I should be doing. When I realised that you thought I had not understood you I said that I could not do the move as my hip was locked. I had damaged the hip in a football game and had over ten years of massage, physiotherapy, chiropractors and osteopaths. All these multiple treatments had helped with pain relief but nothing had actually cured the problem and restored function to my hip. You kindly said Let me take a look and within two minutes I had regained full use of my hip and ten years of problems disappeared. The symptoms have never returned and I still have a fully functional hip many thanks.

David Hefferon BDS Dip Homtox (Hons)

March 05 - Inhalation of Fibre-glass

For three weeks during the Christmas Season I was physically restricted to the confines of my home, spending the majority of the time in bed. This was due to a very serious lung infection which manifested itself from a work related incident. I had inhaled a large amount of fibre-glass, and as a result, I was coughing up blood and thick yellow phlegm.

The first step I took was to consult my GP who told me that the powdered glass which had settled in my lungs would be stuck there for the rest of my life and would eventually cause cancer. All the GP could do for me was to give my prescriptional antibiotics to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

At my wits end my only chance for recovery was you Sifu who advised me to drink some medicinal herbs (got me a good discount on them too!!) and personally treated me using your intuitive art of spiritual healing. This gave me an instant burst of energy and of the best and most refreshing sleep I have had in years. After the healing session, all the phlegm which was stuck managed to have been broken up and coughed up by the load. Also the pain of coughing that originaly felt like razor blades darting through my throat, was no more. In fact coughing was no longer a painful and irritating sensation, but more of a relief.

Being suggested to go for another healing session I did so after about a week or so. This time I had already started making a rapid recovery, but had been suffering from a four day headache. Doing the same ritual as before, but also concentrating on my headache problem, the head pain had instantly disappeared. Also as a result, I had another burst of energy leaving me with the biggest uncontrollable grin on my face. I have now made a full recovery because of you Sifu. Thank you.

Nataphon Reuangkhum

May 05 - 'Family Jewels'

I have been attending Sifu Yap Leong's Shaolin Fists martial arts school for 3 years now and am constantly amazed at the wonders he teaches and reveals through his incredible physical, mental and spiritual skills. I am a practising medical doctor and have a solid base in the sciences and workings of the human body, pyschology and pharmacology, and yet I have witnessed some incredible feats of healing by Sifu, which add another dimension to life. This was experienced at a personal level when a few months into the class I was front kicked in the groin by a fellow student whilst we were practising blocking techniques. I doubled over instantly with the worst pain ever and being a doctor, I knew this could be severe trauma to my testis and feared the worst. I fell to the floor and immediately Sifu came over and told me sit down and straighten my legs. After giving a few solid blows to both the soles of my feet, instantly the pain had gone and I felt a sense of calm. I immediatley stood up without difficulty and walked normally to the toilets to check myself that my family jewels were intact. Indeed on a thorough self examination, I could see no evidence of swelling, bruising or tenderness which as a doctor, I would have expected after such a blow. This left me in amazement as it defied all my scientific and medical principles and this together with other healing acts performed by Sifu that I have seen throughout the years leaves me in no doubt that Sifu has a gift and is yet another dimension to this incredible human being.

Dr. Dev Acharya - MBBS Bsc (hons)

December 2004 - Bad Knees

Since the age of 13, I have suffered from extreme knee pain combined with swelling around an behind the knee joint. I became aware of this which playing rugby, but soon any form of exercise or prolonged stress, such as standing or walking brought about discomfort and swelling.

I underwent electric treatment and physiotherapy at the age of 14 as well as an exploratory operation, but was never given a satisfactory explanation nor any diagnosis other than that I should 'grow out of it'.

In 1977 my left knee became so painfull, I went to the Outpatients' Department of the Whittington Hospital where I was given a pair of crutches which I relied on for the next two years.

In 1988 I underwent an MRI scan which showed I had Osteochondritis Dissecans (characterised by a defect in the subchondral region of an articular surface with fragmentation and partial or complete separation of the bone fragment. It is usually caused by trauma - repetitive overloading), and a displaced fragment was identified and subsequently removed when I underwent an arthroscopy in 1999.

Still the pain and swelling continue, only now I could no longer straighten my left leg and I was still completely reliant on crutches.

In 2000 after several months of physiotherapy and home exercises, I succeeded in straightening my left knee and could walk without the aid of crutches. However the pain and the swelling always returned should the weather become damp or cold or if I walked or stood too long.

In 2002 began to practise Yoga and this had a beneficial effect on my knees allowing longer periods between the once constant pain and swelling.

In 2004 I began to train in Shalin Fists Kung Fu under Sifu Yap Loeng

One Sunday during class the Sifu asked my why I limped and when he saw the knee supports I was wearing, told me to remove them as they, in his opinion, stopped blood supply to the knees. When he saw my reticence at the removal of the supports, he called me over. One of my fellow students, Dr. Dev Acharya, a medical practitioner, was asked by the Sifu to examine my knees and to bear witness to the validity and effectiveness of the Sifu's treatment. I was instructed to sit down and relax my legs. The Sifu then examined by touch either side of my knee, choose two points, then applied a firm grip and manipulated the joint and instructed me to straighten my leg. My knee gave a loud crack, the Sifu changed his grip and I was told again to straighten my leg, another crack. For the third and final time the Sifu changed his grip and I raised my leg - this time the crack was felt rather than heard. I was told to stand up which I tentatively did. All pain had gone. The Sifu explained that the tendon in my knee was pressing agaisnt the nearve and this was the cause of the pain.

This seemed too good to be true and, although I did not doubt the result, I did question the means. I thanked the Sifu, hoping he had 'cured' my knees, yet fully believing the pain would return, if not now then later. This was in June 2004; it is now December and the pain has still not returned.

I know I have any always will have weak knees and this will forever dictate what I can and cannot do. However, because of the Sifu's treatment I'm able to do things I was prevented from doing for years, and although I get the odd twinge of pain in my knees it is short lived and with little intensity.

Elias Harwood

December 07 - Back Problems

"Having undergone several unsuccessful treatments including Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy for an ongoing injury to my back which was directly impacting on my ability to work

It was recommended to me that I visit SIFU YAP LEONG... after 2 treatments I regained full mobility of my back and am pain free!

What a relief to finally find a treatment that works!"

Natalie Childs
(Professional performer and Dance Teacher)

August 2000 - Panic Attack

Thanks for last Wednesday's treatment. I have'nt had a single panic attack since.


April 2000 - Shoulder and Back problems

I am writing to thank you for healing my right shoulder, back in October last year and also my lower back pain when you treated me a few weeks ago.

As you remember when I came to see you about my shoulder, which I thought I have injured after returning from a trip to Ireland by overnight ferry, I was still in agony after seeing my GP which had prescribed me some pain killers, as well as been to a physiotherapist. I can tell you with joy, that after having your treatment, the pain had all gone within 24 hours, and I was able to go back to work the next day! The problem has not come back since.

Also with my back pain, I would like to let you know that I had a very good night's sleep the day I had your treatment, and when I got up the next day the pain had all gone. So if you are wondering why I have not come to see you again, its becuase I have no more problems with either my shoulder or my back any more.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

Ken Lai

July 2008 - Cold Stomach

Dear Sifu Yap Leong,

thank you so much for the last lesson.

When I came home after my visit to London I only had a few days to practice before going on holiday. However, I practised your exercises every day on holiday and have not had one day without practising since I saw you in June.

I had wanted to write to you after my holiday, but my computer was struck by lightning (I live in the mountains in Austria) while I was away, and it has taken a while to get everything sorted out.

I have been feeling a lot better in many respects:
I am warming up!! I even dared to swim in our cold lake. You would have laughed your head off had you seen me doing some of the exercises before going in, then doing even some in the water!, and then afterwards again. Going for a swim in our local lake means a lot, as last year I did not go for a swim there at all.

I also sleep better. Hurrah!

In the morning I do the exercises before breakfast. That way I feel more alert and awake and can enjoy breakfast much more and I am not as grumpy as I used to be.

My detox therapist is very pleased with the detox process he has put me on, as it is proceeding faster than he had expected.

I am also pleased that my breathing goes down into the Dantien much more easily than it used to and it is freeing up my whole torso. Two of the exercises have been freeing up my lower thoracic and upper lumbar part of the spine. Despite some initial creeking and cracking to start with it feels more flexible now.

I had a few days last week when I felt extremely good - what a joy. It has changed again and I feel slightly less warm and flexible. This could also be due to the mad weather here; after thunderstorms the temperature dropped from 33C down to 14C within a few hours. My body is probably not too happy about that sudden change; and 'my thermostat' probably needs some time to adjust - and even more exercises!

If I may, I will keep you informed about my progress.

I am very much looking forward to another lesson in autumn.

I have already told some of my friends in London about you as I can only warmly and highly recommend your wonderful exercises.

Please feel free to share my feedback with whoever might benefit from being encouraged to do your enlightened exercises.

Have a good summer.
Kind regards
Elisabeth Ratzenböck-Wearden

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