The Power of Healing


Exercises to Prevent the Onset of Swine Flu or to Alleviate its Symptoms


Important Notice and Disclaimer

Those who believe they are suffering from swine flu or any other flu-like symptoms should seek medical advice. The exercises shown on this video are an additional aid to recovery and should not be any way construed as an alternative to seeking such advice. Those who have underlying medical conditions should always seek medical advice before attempting these exercises. Grandmaster Yap Leong and HYL Energiser do not accept any responsibility for any adverse effects or problems experienced after attempting these exercises.


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The exercises on this video are protected by international copyright laws. They are for personal use and should not, in any way, be taught, distributed or sold to person, group or organisation for commercial gain or otherwise without the express permission from Grandmaster Yap Leong.

Donations are always welcome from those who find the exercises useful and beneficial to their well being. If you wish to make a donation please contact Grandmaster Yap Leong by email at

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