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Hyl Ener-Qi Level 1 Coaches

Hyl Energiser Coaching programs are only available to dedicated and devoted followers. The courses being offered are for the personal use and benefit of the individual attending the courses, but will not entitle them to show or teach anyone, third party or group/s, unless they have obtained a coaching certificate for each of them. Potential candidates for Coaching Programs will be by written invitation only and have to pass a practical assessment on the program offered. Coaching Certificates are availabe on

(1) Hyl Ener-Qi

(2) Hyl Self-Healing

(3) Hyl Healing

(4) Hyl Meditatio

(5) Feng Shui

Any candidate passing all five programs above will get a consolidated certificate and will have to abide by the terms & conditions of Hyl Energiser ®

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