Feedback & Comments on the Hyl Ener-Qi course

David Hefferon - BDS Dip Homtox (Hons)

The Hyl energiser is a wonderful experience. The course is well structured and the time flies by. The unique exercises are well explained and are as useful to a complete beginner as they are to an advanced practitioner. Unlike other course you feel totally energised after the course as opposed to tired after a long day. While doing the unique exercises I could feel old internal injuries relaxing and the body starting to heal itself. I cannot wait for the next course and can only highly recommend it to anybody wishing to become healthy and self empowered.

I just want to say thanks for another superb course (HYL Ener-Qi 1 & 2). It was a great course that could be enjoyed by both beginner and advanced practitioner. The second level flowed smoothly building on the first level and once again the health benefits were felt instantaneously. I am already looking forward to the next course

Dr. D. Acharya - MBBS Bsc (Hons)

i attended the HYL energiser to learn more about the specific 5 elements chi-kung developed by sifu yap leong and it lived up to more than my expectations! he explained the 5 elements breathing in relation to the human anatomy,postures and how they relate to the universe and how it improves your health and prevents and fights disease/ailments.

the 5 hours went very quickly especially as he added in some great philosophy and humour with some lovely chinese tea and cakes thrown in! it was very interactive allowing us to ask questions and he would come round correcting the postures and explaining in detail the reasons for performing certain routines.in fact some of the exercises built up sum good sweat and especially as i had a late night before and intially i had little energy but after an hour felt energised!

at the end of the class i felt relaxed and with a sense of euphoria and energy levels as though i was ready for the olympics! this sense of total relaxation and energy remained with me into next week where i was able to work more efficiently and my concentration levels were great.it also made me sleep like a baby at night so woke up in the mornings totally refreshed.

i will definitly be attending the remainder of the courses as sifu yap leong is a legend and i feel completely privelidged to be able to experience this phenomenon.

Matthew Scott - Actor

The Hyl Energiser course is an amazing experience that is both practical and effective. The exercises are unique
and vital. This is the real thing after just one session my spine had loosened up and my breathing was more focussed and deep.This will surely change the way people approach health and healing. A must do !

Pan Lemos - Analytical Psychotherapist (GAPS, UKCP)

I attended the workshop that GrandmasterYap Leong gave on 28 June 2008 because I was already aware of the efficacy of the system that he has developed. Sifu Yap Leong had originally acquainted me with some of the precursor exercises to what later evolved into the HYL Enerqi system during my study at his school of the martial arts. In this context the cultivation of qi for internal strength and resilience is most important. However, I noticed over time that performing the exercises also brought me numerous other positive effects, notably:
resistance to colds and flu, increased flexibility, increased concentration, increased tolerance to environmental extremes (eg cold or hot weather), alleviation of congestion and headaches, and what I can only describe as an increased sense of general well-being.

In the HYL Enerqi Level 1 workshop Sifu Yap Leong took us through a carefully put together progression of exercises that were designed to target the whole body. The effect of the exercises is immediate and also cumulative. After the workshop I felt my body had been put through its paces and I felt grounded, stretched and 'opened up'. I also felt a relaxed energy. My partially healed internal injuries (such as my old rib fracture) were activated and enabled to heal further. As well as the practical exercises, Sifu Yap Leong included some interesting theoretical background that allowed me some insight into the healing arts of Chinese tradition. I am convinced that the benefits of this knowledge when put into practice are far reaching.

Peter Allsop - Kung Fu Master (M.Ed.; Dip App Ling (Postgrad); Cert Ed)

Your 28th June course was much appreciated. It was so well structured and practical that immediately on my return to Chesterfield I began using your "HyL Ener-Qi" DVD. It has definitely improved my understanding of 5 Elements Qigong, 5 Elements Theory and their relationship to other areas of Chinese Philosophy and Metaphysics.

Tina Dixit - Client Manager

I have recently been on the Chi Kung energizer course. I feel that I have profoundly benefited. I have learnt some “unique techniques” that I am able to practice by myself and use to my benefit outside of the course.

After the course I immediately felt that my energy levels had increased. I also had a chesty, wheezy cough and I can confirm that the breathing techniques during the class helped me to fully recover. Kindly sifu yap leong also taught me a specific exercise for my chest and the same night I slept very well and the next day my cough was much better.

I am a Client Relationship Manager for a Pension Consultancy in the City of London; I feel that going forward the course will help me with the daily stresses of life.

I will definitely consider going on this course again as a refresher and look forward to it. I thank the course creator and instructor Sifu yap leong for sharing his knowledge and understanding.

Jor'el - Voice Coach

I really enjoyed the course it was absolutely fantastic. I loved your relaxed teaching style and the way you made everyone in the room feel sooo special. What i learnt on the course was beyond my wildest expectations and is clearly what i need to continue my process of self discovery and healing. it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the experience and considering that it was the first of many to come i am truly grateful to have been able to attend.

Foundation Course Applicable for beginner
Course Hyl Ener-Qi 1 Available to those who have completed Foundaion

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