Program 4- HYL Energiser Feng Shui

HYL Energiser Feng Shui is the fifth program in the series. This system incorporates Landscape, Eight Mansions and Flying Stars Schools of Feng Shui. Again the Five Elements are evident in these systems. Learn about the Auspicious Dragon and the Malignant Tiger. They are always present in the environment. Learn about the good or bad directions and sectors in the Bagua (8 Trigrams) in relation to the personal horoscope and influences of the Flying Stars.

The Feng Shui program is divided into Three Levels
Level 1
Landscape Feng Shui
Level 2
Eight Mansions Feng Shui
Level 3
Flying Stars Feng Shui
Tests and award of certificates to those who completed and passed the this program.

HYL Energiser Feng Shui Level I course:

The first course will be announced in due course. For those interested please email:info@hylenergiser.com for further information.


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