Program 2 - HYL Energiser Self-Healing ©.
HYL Energiser Self-Healing is the second program in the series and should be followed only after doing program 1. In this program, the emphasis is on self-healing ranging from the head to the foot area. A small problem somewhere in the body can trigger a reaction elsewhere within. Everyone enjoys a healthy lifestyle, away from drugs or alcohol related problems. An Energiser a day keeps the doctor at bay.
The Self-healing program is divided into Five Levels
Level 1
This section deals with the problems prevalent in the head, face and neck region including migraine, headaches and other related problems. Tui Na massage thereapy, vibration and other exercise techniques help to alleviate such problems
Level 2
Self-healing on the Shoulder, Arm and Hand areas where strains or aches are very common. If not remedied sooner they could lead to complications later on. The HYL Energiser Self-Healing techniques help to alleviate arthritis or rheumatic pains, tennis elbows and other problematic areas.
Level 3
Self-healing on the body , including chest region. Sufferers of bronchitis or asthma should benefit from these self-healing techniques. The techniques should help to reduce tightness or congestion around the chest, heart or lung region,
Level 4
Self-healing on the abdomen region, including the reduction of fat level, eliminating stretched marks and improving skin textures. Techniques to clear or ease blockages in the internal organs to improve overall health and well-being

Level 5

We heard about heart attacks induced by blood clots culminating in the leg areas through long period of sitting. This is like an invisible alien lurking in the body without us realising it. The HYL Energiser should help flush out these aliens or reduce such problems by increased circulation in the legs. Sports injuries are also very common, especially to the knees and ankles.

Tests and award of certificates to those who completed and passed the this program.

HYL Energiser Self Healing 1 © Introductory Course:

The first course will follow after the completion of the Hyl Ener-Qi course. For those interested please email:info@hylenergiser.com for further information.

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