The Ancient Sage He Says: Come up to the mountain top and I will reveal the Secrets of Immortality.
The Modern Sage He Says:      More like the Secrets of Death as your mountain is too cold and treacherous.
Program One - HYL Ener-Qi ©.

HYL Ener-Qi program is comprehensively designed to benefit both the casual or serious follower. The techniques were developed by Grandmaster Yap Leong and have never been known or shown before. The primary objective is to cultivate the Ener - Qi, activating & enhancing the body immune system and channeling them to various parts of the body, internal organs in order to energise, nourish, renew, clear blockages and/or repair internal damage where possible.

Those who suffer from recurring breathing problems, including athsma or brochitis sufferers, will find this program useful. Even Yoga practitioners, who suffered breathing difficulties, found Ener-Qi techniques effective. The techniques taught are simple, safe and effective, unlike other healing systems which may either be ineffective or cause damage to the body. Blood tests have shown that the use of Ener-Qi techniques have effectively enhanced the immune system through energising the bone marrow.
                                          Objectives of Hyl Ener-Qi ©.
Improve Health & General Well-being
Reduce Stress, Fatique, Strains & Back-aches
Reduce Fat Level, Waist-line & Stretched Marks
Enhance the Natural Immune system
Feel-good and  improve confidence & life-style
The full Hyl Ener-Qi program is divided into the following categories
Foundation Course
This is an introdution to the HYL Ener-Qi Course, explaining the concepts of the Five Elements, the breathing techniques and step by step instructions of the exercises, each of which has a name for easy reference eg: Stoking the Dragon Well.
Level 1:
Level 1 incorporates the exercises from the Foundation Course with more exercises right up to the Twin Dragons Ascending Heaven.
Level 2
Level 2 revises the exercises from the Foundation Course and Level 1 before including more exercises right up to the Immortal Ascending Heaven.
Level 3
Level revises the exercises from the Foundation Course to Level 2 and adding more exercises right up to the White Crane Spreading Wings
Level 4
Level 4 repeats exercises from the previous levels and adding variations of the exercises

Level 5

Level 5 repeats exercises from the previous levels and adding variations of the exercises
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach Level revises the previous levels to ensure a proper understanding of all the exercises including theories and concepts.
Full Coach
In order to become a Level 1 Qualified Coach, a grading (both written & practical) will be conducted and certificate will be issued to the successful applicant.

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